Draft those girls

So I heard that women might have to register for the draft. Well, it’s not really new news. But it just resurfaced again. All this talk about equality and stuff makes people get all excited and stuff. They start thinking about how wonderful and equal it would be if we also forced our daughters to go kill people. After all, it’s only fair, they say. To tell you the truth, it sort of makes me sick. I can’t stand the thought of my daughter being drafted. I don’t think I’d actually stand for it. What I mean is, I’d probably do something about it if it happened to her. The problem is, what if it happens to another guy’s daugther? What would I do then? Probably just whine and complain and pray. I don’t really know what to do. I guess I would encourage him not to allow that sort of thing to happen and I’d try to help him if I could. But he might not even care. He might be one of those guys that thinks this whole equality things is good for people like his daughter.
Truth be told, I’m not even a fan of men being drafted. That whole standing army thing isn’t such a hot idea. After all, I think the revolutionary war guys didn’t like the idea. I know, I know, different time, different era. Right? Still though, all this government involvement hasn’t really helped us.
Anyway, this is what happens when we reject that old idea that God made men and women, boys and girls. We start doing crazy things like sending our girls off to war. What’s next, telling women that having children is a burden and they should be able to pursue a career at the expense of their kids because they are disposal things (the kids) until they get to be big enough to be a person or old enough to be sent off to war or something like that? Oh wait…

Truth is, we are pretty mixed up. Yup, we have a lot things backwards right now. People think they can sort of figure everything out on their own without consulting God’s Holy Word. I’m talking about the Bible. People don’t really even read it anymore. They disagree with it without even reading it. But the thing is, a lot of people think we can solve these issues without going back to God’s Word. That really is something to be concerned about. How can we fix something if we don’t know how things ought to be? Some people get all up in arms about all the crazy stuff going on, but they don’t want to talk about how it’s really a religious issue at the core. They don’t want to admit that unless we go back to God’s Word as our standard, we will just have more of this nauseating stuff going on. I mean stuff like boys being allowed in girls bathrooms and little kids having “sex changes.” We can’t solve these problems without getting to the root of this whole mess. What is the standard for right and wrong? How then shall we live?

I guess it will just take some more time for this folly to fizzle out. The Book says fools die for lack of sense. It really does say that. It doesn’t say fools will prosper or be great. And this stuff going on is pretty foolish. And it isn’t going to bring about good things, like life and blessing and multiplication. More equality of being foolish isn’t really something I’m super excited about. I’ll have to sit tight for a bit.


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