Oklahoma, Gay Marriage, and Nullification: Part 1

Oklahoma is being forced by the federal government to perform gay “marriages.” What is the Christian response? What if Oklahoma were a state made up predominantly of Christians? What course of action should they take? It is questions like these that many Christians are not interested in answering. They have given up on the idea of the Gospel spreading to such a degree that a state could consist of mainly Christians. Or, even if they grant that possibly, they say that the government is no place for the Bible.

While we grant that genuine revival can only happen when God moves in a society—and we do in fact believe that God does move in societies—and that personal piety is a prerequisite for a Christian society, we also know that a deficient theology has led many to assume there is not a distinctly Christian response for political quandaries such as this. Fortunately, God’s Word touches on every area of life and the matter before us is no different. One of our goals at Gliocas is to show you how a Christian state should operate—to show you that this is not ivory tower philosophizing, but the down-to-earth application of the Gospel spreading through the land. So, let’s get to it. Does the federal government have authority to force a state to perform gay “marriages?” We are being told yes. The truth, however, provides us with some much needed insight and direction for the days ahead. One of the main issues here is if the federal government has the ultimate authority to force a state’s hands in a variety of matters. Thus, the issue certainly has to do with that oft discussed topic of state’s rights. A bit of biblical background will provide us with a good foundation to proceed on a Christian basis. The fact is there is a distinctly Christian response to issues such as this. We will examine that today and tomorrow by discussing the concept of nullification. Today we will simply look at the concept of nullification from a personal standpoint.

Christian Nullification

First of all, before getting into the historical-political understanding of nullification (which we will do tomorrow), we need to consider this on a personal level. When the apostles were commanded to stop preaching Christ, what did they do? They refused to obey man’s command—they nullified it—because of a higher standard, namely, God (see Acts 5:27-32). This is the simplest and most basic way to understand nullification. On a personal level, when you are asked to do something which goes against God’s Word, you have the responsibility to nullify that command. You are essentially saying, “I do not recognize your authority to command such an action and I refuse to comply with your request, I must rather obey God.” By the use of unjust force, someone can abuse you (and kill you), but they cannot make you sin against God. We are not to fear those who can simply kill the body, but rather Him who can destroy both body and soul in hell (Matthew 10:28). In this instance, a good example of personal nullification would be a Christian pastor refusing to “marry” homosexuals, regardless of the consequences. This personal understanding of nullification is where any discussion such as this must start. God requires all individuals (including leaders in state governments) to personally follow Jesus Christ. The person who wants to see positive change in his community must first personally submit to Christ and practice “Christian nullification” in his own life by obeying God rather than man. Tomorrow we will dig deeper into this topic and see how a Christian citizen and statesman should respond to these things. Be sure to watch the videos as they will go into greater detail.


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